Patching KDE programs

Fabio Alessandro Locati fabiolocati at
Sat Feb 6 11:30:01 GMT 2010

I've seen that we have a lot of patches in our KDE packeages.
Riddell pointed me to a wiki-page [1] in which are listed all those
patches. As he told the list was a little bit out-dated. I updated it.
It seems to me, that a lot of those patches could be moved upstream
(Riddell altready told me that you have tried) or in kubuntu-settings.

I've also added a column for the 'move to kubuntu-settings' option.

I'll look deeper in each patch in the next days to see which are
possible to move out and which are not.

Please, if you add/move/remove any patch, update the page ;).

Thankyou for your time,
Fabio A Locati

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