Kubuntu on launchpad?

Corey O'Connor coreyoconnor at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 05:53:48 GMT 2010

I tried out the latest RC for KDE and was BLOWN AWAY how awesome it
was! Seriously! Good stuff!

I did notice some rough edges [1]. Given that I know C++ and have
plenty of time on my hand I was eager to contribute. I figured I could
sign onto launchpad ; branch the kdebase repository ; and I'd be set
up to contribute with all the goodness launchpad provides. Only I
can't figure something out: *where* is the kdebase, or any KDE
project, repository on launchpad? Or is launchpad only used for bug
tracking and package distribution?

With projects like groundcontrol [2] making contribution to Ubuntu a
breeze I was really hoping for Kubuntu to be integrated into
launchpad. However I can't find the repositories on launchpad. Am I
missing something? Should I stick to kdesvn-build and submit patches
the old-school way? The old-school way makes me less excited to
contribute :-(

Corey O'Connor

1. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=198030
2. https://launchpad.net/groundcontrol

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