new kdm theme

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at
Mon Feb 1 01:36:14 GMT 2010

On Sun 31 Jan 2010 08:27:01 pm Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > Don't we have a policy to stick as close as we can with 
upstream?  Don't
> > get
> > me wrong, I really love this theme, but afair we do not 
want to use
> > custom artwork?
> Generally this is true, but in this case the default themes 
for 4.4 are an
> attempt to be "out there" a bit and be unusual.  Upstream 
agrees they are
> not suitable for an LTS release.  In this case we will go 
with an
> alternative that is blessed by upstream because it's more 
suitable for
> what we are trying to do.

They toned down their default wallpaper quite a bit for the 
later RCs. That square one is no longer the default, if that's 
what you were meaning.

The current KDM theme is basically the old one with the default 
Ethias wallpaper. The proposed one has an enhanced dialog 
graphic with the same Ethias background. (See previous mails 
for screenshots)

> Scott K


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