no context menus in amarok

Josh Stephenson peterbuldge at
Sat Aug 28 00:59:55 BST 2010

I'm running Kubutu Lucid with KDE 4.5, QT 4.7 and Amarok  For a few 
versions now I havent been able to get any file or context menus in amarok.  
Clicking on a file menu or right-clicking on something to get a context will 
sometimes give me split second flicker of something, then nothing at all, other 
times I simply get no response at all.  This behavior seems to come and go, 
sometimes, if Amarok has been open for a while, menus will just decide to 
start working but I have no idea what is changing.  Usually, though, I can't 
get any menus.  

A while back I decided to reinstall Amarok and see if I could pinpoint where 
the problem starts, It seems to be related to podcasts.  After a fresh 
install, the problem starts shortly after the first podcasts are added.

None of the other apps I use regularly do this.  I prefer to have all the 
scanning (library, podcasts) turned off and update manually so this is 
essentially rendering Amarok unusabe for me.

I posted this same question to amarok mailing list and someone there 
reposonded that opensuse had a similar problem in kde 4.5 and that patching 
dbus fixed it.

DOes anybody know anything about any of this?

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