Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Aug 20 14:45:32 BST 2010

"Jonathan Riddell" <jriddell at> wrote:

>We need to decide if we are shipping bluedevil or kbluetooth.  I've
>tried bluedevil and it seems to successfully send files, browse
>devices and configure some bits.  I got one crash and some of the
>strings are unprofessional but I think that's part of the work in
>progress which should be stabalised in the final release next month.
>My preference is for bluedevil, upstream agrees from chatting at
>Does anyone with more experience of bluetooth than I have an opinion?
>(Must say I'm mystified why bluetooth UI developers continue to use
>the systray as the primary user interface, files should be handled
>through the file manager and config through system settings.)
I didn't try bluedevil yet, but the odds it will be worse are low. As long as it kind of works and upstream is prepared to support us, I'd be inclined to favor it.

Scott K

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