Ubuntu One for the KDE Workspace (alpha1)

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 10 15:00:18 BST 2010


After having a somewhat long lasting "sort-of alpha1" Ubuntu One for the KDE 
Workspace now gets a proper alpha release.

While this release is supposed to be working just fine, please beware that it 
is alpha software nonetheless and feedback of any kind is very much 

You can get the alpha1 from ppa:apachelogger/ubuntuone-kde
This is the same PPA as used for the pre-alpha release, so if you already have 
it in your sources.list you should not need to do anything, otherwise you can 
easily add the PPA to your sources by running:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apachelogger/ubuntuone-kde

After that you just need to refresh your package cache and install ubuntuone-

Please note that ubuntuone-kde is only supported on Kubuntu 10.10 (which is 
currently in development and will be released in october). Furthermore please 
make sure that your system is completely up-to-date before trying to run 
Ubuntu One, most recently there were changes to underlying components that are 
essential to properly use Ubuntu One.

Once you got it installed you can either launch the statusnotifier (a very 
fancy tray icon) via the menu, where you can find it in the utilities section, 
or by running ubuntuone-statusnotifier manually. Eitherway a browser windows 
should be popping up guiding you through authentication of your computer to 
use Ubuntu One. Once this is finished your statusnotifier should switch to 
idle mode and if you happen to have something on your Ubuntu One account 
already it will start synchronizing shortly thereafter.

Known issues:
 * Even though it conflicts with ubuntuone-client-gnome the packaging does not
   handle this properly, so you need to manually remove that package, in case
   it is installed, before installing ubuntuone-kde.
 * At the very first start it seemed that ubuntu-sso-qt (the authentication 
   component) crashed. This is however not reproducible on my part anymore.
   It would be good if you installed ubuntu-sso-qt-dbg along ubuntuone-kde 
   BEFORE doing anything. In case it crashes apport should then be able to get
   a backtrace.

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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