Missing cooperation with KDE

Markus Slopianka markus.s at kdemail.net
Mon Aug 9 20:57:32 BST 2010

Is there a reason why Plasma Menu Bar, dbusmenu-qt, Colibri, etc. are not being
developed in KDE's repo? dbusmenu-qt already is a dependency for SC 4.5 just like
Akonadi. Why not place it in the same place (kdesupport)? The other parts could be
placed in Extragear if they are not suitable for the mainline SC -- KDE's Network
Management is also placed there for now.

As an upstream KDE translator I find it
especially annoying that thse projects are in no way integrated in KDE's wonderful
translation system.
So far Plasma Menu Bar seems to be not translated at all. Kubuntu
already has a shaky history with translations. Please don't repeat past


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