HTML by default in KMail

Ralph Janke txwikinger at
Mon Aug 9 15:29:10 BST 2010

We did not advocate stripping features. We just have the enabling of html
to be a deliberated step by the user. Furthermore, there is a 
configuration option that the user if they so wish can enable it by default.

It is not different than not having sshd automatically running on 
desktops, but requiring the user to explicitly install it.

Ralph (txwikinger)

On 08/07/2010 02:24 AM, Tres Finocchiaro wrote:
> From a user's perspective, I find it very (very) naive to rule out all 
> html formatting by default.
> Red letters and bold fonts can go a long way when getting a 
> message across.  I especially like some of the copy/paste formatting 
> when grabbing excerpts from web pages.
> The default behavior of Kopete seems to have a similar mentality where 
> (some) usability is an afterthought.  In Kopete's case, its default 
> behavior has rendered the application practically useless to the 
> average user (i.e. Does it seriously need 5 Configure menu entries? 
>  Where's my "Add Account" wizard that's been a standard for Instant 
> Messengers for 10 years?  How do I turn off those pop-ups when people 
> sign on?  I'm installing Pidgin.)  I digress.
> Back to email... If you're uncle bob's "FW: Jesus Saves" or 
> "IMPORTANT:  Buy Viagra" emails are seriously causing that much havoc 
> on your inbox, fix the problem from the source and tell uncle bob to 
> stop sending you email.
> I feel too often that stripping features in the name of security can 
> only go so far.  There needs to be a middle ground where we aren't all 
> typing in gedit (or in this case, kate).
> -Tres
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