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Yuval Levy ubuntu08 at
Mon Aug 9 04:43:41 BST 2010

On August 8, 2010 10:52:17 pm Tres Finocchiaro wrote:
> Lets not move to personal attacks.

nothing personal.  I did not want to react to your statements which IMHO were 
rather off topic, but since you seem to need proof that this is not personal:

>  email stands for
> "Electronic Mail".  If normal mail allows aunt Peggy to send a customized
> Jesus letter head, why shouldn't she expect the same from an electronic
> version?

normal mail allows aunt Peggy to write a postcard, in plain text, visible to 
everybody.  It allows aunt Peggy to put many sheets of paper in an envelope, 
and the exterior of the envelope is in plain text. And it even allows her to 
put a cake in a box.  And the exterior of the box is in plain text.  Those 
things inside the envelope and the box are called *attachments" in email.  

> Replace the word "enough" with "the vast majority" and then you have an
> argument.  Until then, (respectively) please use the command-line pine
> application.  (Which is NOT included in Kubuntu by default).  Rich text is
> no longer an optional feature, its how people communicate. 

on which planet do you live? the "vast majority" of people still communicates 
first and foremost by voice.  Even text messaging (which has no formatting at 
all and is limited to 140 characters) is more popular than "Rich text".  
Whatever "rich" stands for.  Twitter rules.

> In regards to speed-reading fixed-font emails, you may be correct.  I don't
> even know how to speed-read, but I'd like to add that I'm reading your
> email in Gmail's default Sans Serif variable width font without any
> issues.

I'm reading your email in Kmail.  Text only.  Configured the font to Monospace 
(fixed width) instead of the default whatever reduces the time it takes me to 
read it by roughly 20%.  That's not an issue, it's a feature.  The average 
native speaker of a European language will read around 250-300 words per 
minute.  With these settings I get to 500-550 in English, and it is my fifth 
language.  I could go at full length explaining the how and why of these 
things, and refer to the relevant body of research, but I feel this has been 
already gone off-topic enough.

But the best is:

> Some countries actually have communication acts that make it unlawful for
> translators to strip emotion or content from conversation.  I know the US
> Postal Office wouldn't allow the modification of a message.  Fortunately
> email isn't yet regulated to that level in my country so Gmail will block
> those "tracker" images that were mentioned earlier in the conversation.

what's the relevance of the above paragraph to the choice of default 
formatting for Kmail?  an what's the relationship with web bugs?

no, there is nothing personal in my doubts about your competence.  I find it 
arrogant how you portray yourself as representing the vast majority of users.

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