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Yuval Levy ubuntu08 at
Mon Aug 9 02:47:29 BST 2010

On August 8, 2010 01:22:33 am Jussi Schultink wrote:
> > using *simple* _formatting_ ist most efficient for getting a message
> > across, and if something more graphic is required, attach it.
> No, it isnt IMHO. This is just like having a conversation, different
> people use different words, but also different tones of voice, and
> different volume levels. Formating your text and adding markers to
> convey tones, or emphasis is a good thing.

I never said it was a bad *thing*.  I only said HTML formatting was a bad 
*default*.  This discussion is about defaults, not about limiting options.  If 
you want you can already now go and change the default to HTML formatting in 

A smart solution that was suggest by somebody previously in this thread is to 
let the user compose and then send the message in the minimum format necessary 
to display the message, i.e. if the user uses color etc, send as HTML; if the 
user does not use the formatting bells and whistles, send as plain text.

Personally I find there are more important problems to solve with Kmail / KDE 
than fiddle with the defaults, but who am I to direct other developers in 
choosing how they want to spend their time?

> As I mentioned with the conversation example, the ability to convey
> more than just words is a good thing. Each person has a different
> style and by not allowing the ability for the sender to decide which
> style they send removes a big amount of  what the sender is conveying.

I don't disagree with you and I did not promote limiting the sender's ability.  
The sender can change the settings from the default if the default does not 
suit them.  The sender can decide which strings they want to pull to *try* to 
convey their message.  In the end it is the receiver who rules.  It is the 
receiver who determines if the communication was successful or not.  As former 
German chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said:  "if I want to sell you an idea, 
I'll speak in your language.  Aber wenn Sie mir was verkaufen wollen, müssen 
Sie Deutsch reden.

> We cannot please everyone here, and I mean that seriously. We have
> choices in Linux, users can customize to their choice. We need to look
> out and think about the most sane defaults, with the majority of users
> in mind.

Sure, I understand your argument.  The basic of Open Source is to please 
yourself.  Scratch your own itches.  This thread was initiated by somebody who 
had an itch to find out opinions about the default email format for the next 
Kubuntu version.  There have been plenty of interesting and valid perspectives 
expressed.  Initially I did not even bother to express my opinion.  I don't 
have the bandwidth to contribute to KDE,  I'm just a thankful user and I 
contribute to other Open Source projects.  I decided to jump in when somebody 
claimed to speak for the majority of users.  All I stated is that he does not 
speak for me.  I have strong doubts about his competence on the subject matter 
all together.

> 2 euro cents from me. :)

at the current exchange rate they are sure worth more than my 2 Canadian cents 

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