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Tomasz Czapiewski xeros at
Fri Aug 6 20:57:02 BST 2010

Dnia piątek, 6 sierpnia 2010 o 19:53:59 Jerry Ablan napisał(a):
> May I ask a possibly stupid question:
> Having Evolution and Thunderbird available, why continue to enhance KMail?
> Is it that much better?
> The biggest problem with desktop Linux adoption, in my mind, is the lack of
> standard deskop apps. How many browsers are there from whcih to choose?
> Four? Five? Same email or audio. Just pick a good one and go with it.
> Just a thought...

I've used all of them you've mentioned but now I use only Kontact with Kmail 
at home for my private mails and Alpine (over SSH) when I'm not at home...

IMO, just few reasons for use KMail:
1. It's well integrated with KDE (KDE contacts database, KWallet for 
passwords, KGPG for keys, smartcards support, systray, notification, etc.).
2. It's QT/KDE libraries dependent so KDE users doesn't need to load GTK/Gnome 
libs and so it (probably) eats less RAM (in KDE), starts more quickly in KDE 
and has KDE/QT look and feel.
3. Has some more usefull features that Evolution or Thunderbird doesn't have.
4. There's no other that good QT/KDE e-mail/PIM client like KMail/Kontact.
5. It's usefull and comfortable for both newbie and powerfull user/developer.

Everyone uses what he/she likes, and that's good to have a choice.


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