HTML by default in KMail

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at
Fri Aug 6 11:28:30 BST 2010

At Akademy I queried the current and past KMail maintainers about HTML
by default in e-mails.  They seemed to agree that it was a bit old
fashioned to be keeping it off and agreed it would be fine to turn it
on by default (in Kubuntu and upstream).  It seems unfriendly to me to
show a message with most e-mails that the programme is hiding
something from the user.

KMail has large warnings in it's config box about security problems
that might magically appear.  I can imagine it would help with
phishing.  I could also imagine javascript security problems, although
I'd hope javascript isn't allowed in Kmail e-mails I could be wrong.

As someone who uses a terminal programme for my e-mail I doubt my
opinion weights for much but I'd like to hear thoughts people have on
the setting.


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