Final ISO candidates needing tested

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Thu Apr 29 17:29:52 BST 2010

@   Mackenzie,

Well forget my n,  after do the command i get a code who if i am right make 
possible to decrpyt the folder if their a problem or something else, I never 
need it so far but ubuntu version 10.04 still asking to use this command after 
first boot. That's why i don't believe that kubuntu have a different system for 

About what you saying in your mail, i don't really understand but for what i 
see, i don't find diffrent from karmic and Lucid was asking to register the 
passphrase to alpha3. So i will waiting answer from devs, i am only from one 
year on linux and don't know all and encrypthing thing are pretty unknow for 

Thanks for all help and answer
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