Final ISO candidates needing tested

Roman Shtylman shtylman at
Thu Apr 29 13:47:34 BST 2010


Have you filed bugs for the problems you described? "Too many bugs" is
vague. If developers don't know about bugs, they can't fix them. Its
not that people release completely broken things intentionally (yes,
sometimes, but not generally). They just have different use cases than
you and don't always see the bugs.


On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 6:02 AM, starslights <stars at> wrote:
> Hello to everyone,
> Yeah ,for a Final version, it's really bad, too much bugs and always the same
> not fixed, so it still unable to be used with encrypted Folder who are really a
> important part of the system for me.
> I hope that will soon a version including fixes.
> Best Regards
> Stars
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