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Mon Apr 19 14:38:39 BST 2010

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On 18/04/2010 22:09, Cedric Brandenbourger wrote:
> Hi
> I'm having an issue with kwriteconfig
> When launching
> kwriteconfig --file kdeglobals --group Locale --key CurrencyCode[$i] EUR
> I'm getting as result
> [Locale]
> CurrencyCode\x5b\x5d=EUR

I am actually surprised it works on other machines. As far as I know
kwriteconfig cannot set the [foo] part of a KConfig key. You may have to
resort to hacks like that:

kwriteconfig --file kdeglobals --group Locale --key CurrencyCode EUR
sed -i 's/^CurrencyCode=/CurrencyCode[$i]=/' path/to/kdeglobals


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