testers needed for plasme-widget-networkmanagement (again)...

koso koso.spam at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 21:10:46 BST 2010


I have found a little issue with plasmoid.

Sometimes (very rare) it simply stops displaying available connections.
I can turn on/off interfaces, but list of connection (right hand side of
plasmoid) is still empy. I tried to click on VPN icon, where is similar
connection list dissappearing bug .. but it did not help. I have also
tried to remove plasmoid from tray and add it back .. problem was still
there. When I start another instance of plasmoid (using plasmoidviewer)
it works, so it is probably not problem with backend. Maybe some "bad"
state? Or  list is only invisible?

Anyone with the same problem? I am using plasmoid full-time for more
than 6 weeks, and it happened only 2 times. Only fix I found was logout
/ restart.

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