Login and logout sounds

Yuval Levy ubuntu08 at sfina.com
Wed Apr 7 23:14:55 BST 2010


On April 7, 2010 04:47:55 pm Harald Sitter wrote:
> I just wanted to hear some opinions on the matter of login and logout
> sounds.

not that my opinion matters much - I am just starting to hack on kubuntu and 
am so far a selfishly satisfied user. Since you ask for opinions, I 
respectfully would like to make the following statement: sound travels and is 
difficult to control. Sound pollution, whether from one cubicle to the next or 
from the living room to the baby's room, is more difficult to control than 
visual feedback.

With that in mind, I recommend something short, or even no sound completely. 
Flash the display instead.

On a side note, I don't know if it is a user problem or a bug. With 9.10 the 
login and logout sound would come out of the TV (attached via ATI RadeonHD 
HDMI cable) while the rest of the sound would go through the on-board 
soundcard (Intel Atom motherboard). With 10.04 no sound at all through HDMI. 
Maybe because I've replaced the ATI proprietary drivers with the open sourced 
RadeonHD drivers? Both cards are recognized and available in the Multimedia 
System Settings and in the mixer, although the ATI HDMI output only has a 
checkbox and nothing else. It bugs me that I can't control which soundcard is 
used, but I suspect a user problem than a system bug? sorry for bothering you 
with my sound problem, and thank you for your great work on Kubuntu.

You guys rock!

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