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Roderick B. Greening roderick.greening at
Wed Apr 7 19:47:39 BST 2010

> It's version 0.2.21 On Kubuntu 10.04 Beta 1

I believe the issue you are reporting is that if you open and then close the 
creator, it does not release the mount point, and since it was mounted with 
UDisks, HAL does not seem to know what to do with it. 

If this is correct, please let me know.

There are two issues here:

1) The Solid back-end used in KDE only currently recognizes HAL as a device 
back-end. Unfortunately HAL is deprecated, and Solid needs a new back-end that 
can deal with things like UDisks (formerly devicekit-disks). 

2) Since usb-creator-kde mounted the device, and it is not using it, it may be 
reasonable to unmount after closing, or at least offer to unmount it (which is 
what I think you are asking).

IMO, the main problem here is Solid, as if Solid had a proper working back-end 
for UDisks, then it would not matter that the device was mounted or not, and 
the system would properly handle it. However, this is not the case, and maybe 
we need to look at a temporary work-around.

Given how late we are in the cycle, I do not see this being fixed directly in 
Lucid. Possibly via updates/backports as appropriate...

I will speak to the other devs on this and see what can be done.

For now, if you issue the umount command from konsole, it will release the 
drive. It's not ideal, but will work. 

Also, please note that this only seems to happen if you do not actually 
execute the Make Startup Disk, which does release the drive at the end, as it 
assumes you now wish to use it for booting the new system.

If you could, please open a bug report using apport-bug usb-creator-kde from 
the command line, and fill out the details. This will allow us to track and 
determine how best to address this moving forward.


Roderick B. Greening, B.Sc.
Paradise, NL Canada
E-mail/MSN: roderick.greening at 

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