testers needed for plasme-widget-networkmanagement (again)...

koso koso.spam at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 15:14:27 BST 2010


I am using svn version for a longer time, and have not found any
usability bugs. But there are some related to GUI:

1. after restart, plasmoid shows "all connections", but switch button
shows "show more" ... so first click on this button makes nothing

2. when i click on VPN icon (I hope it is vpn icon .. bottom-left corner
icon), I get empty list as expected. Then I click on "huge back arrow"
and should get again list of my wifi and ethernet connections  .. but
this list is empy. Switching "show more, show less" does not help. Also
opening wifi or ethernet interface details does not. In order to fix
this, i must click again on this VPN icon...

3. I dont know how others, but I am experiencing lags when using
plasmoid interface .. when opening interface details with more
connections (wifi) and also when scrolling many (15) connections.

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