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Roderick B. Greening roderick.greening at
Wed Apr 7 13:30:43 BST 2010

This has been fixed in newer versions of usb-creator. What version are you 
running and what version of Kubuntu?

The issue was with the back-end process intentionally not releasing the device 
(it was a design decision at the time, which has since been changed).

If you simply wish to unmount using the old version, open a konsole after usb-
creator has finished and issue the unmount command specifying the device for 
the media used. Preferably, try using a newer version of usb-creator.



> If using the Live USB Creator in Kubuntu, it's not possible to unmount the
> device in any graphical application, because it's not mounted via HAL (and
> Kubuntu still uses it). Does somebody know, where to add a umount
> command to auto unmount it after the process is finished?
> Thanks
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Paradise, NL Canada
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