Problems/Issues w/ Kubuntu Netbook

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Wed Sep 23 04:46:16 BST 2009

Don't know if all or how many of these relate to Kubuntu Netbook Edition:
In a training session this week using nothing but my Netbook (which btw
people love the netbook edition)

1.  When I run logoff from KRunner it kicks me to a console session where I
can log back in.  Upon logging back in I can start KDE back up w/ startx but
am never brought back to the KDE Login screen

2.  In the Search and Containment portion of Kubuntu Netbook it is still not
saving all of my favorites I mark.  If execute a reboot command from a
konsole session, nothing is saved, if I reboot through krunner or shutdown
through krunner my favorites are saved.

3.  In kate the recently opened portion is not being populated at all, even
after I close it

4. I cannot find System Settings in the Search and Locate section

5. What is the best way to add a user, is kuser still the best way?  If so
it doesn't populate the folders such as Documents, Videos, Public, etc when
I create a new user


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