indicator applet after upgrade

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Thu Sep 10 08:50:51 BST 2009

Harald Sitter wrote:
> 2009/9/9 Aurélien Gâteau <aurelien.gateau at>:
>> Harald Sitter wrote:
>>> Ahoy
>>> yesterday I upgraded from jaunty to karmic and for whatever reason
>>> (most likely not implement, though I wonder how to properly implement
>>> this) the indicator applet did not get added to my plasma-desktop. BUT
>>> k-d-s currently deactivates the trays for konvi and kopete which in
>>> that particular combination is quite fatal. Kopete (probably due to
>>> the indicator plugin) does not quit when I click the X on the window
>>> deco, but continues running in background ... how to get it back?
>>> So, here some thoughts on that:
>>> a) the indicator integrations should try to connect to the applet and
>>> only if that works out do their magic (that is if kopete really
>>> continues running because of the plugin)
>>> b) nuke the no-tray settings from k-d-s
>>> c) the indicator integrations should if successfully connected to the
>>> applet et all deactivate the tray icon from within the application
>>> (i.e. without any configs set... at least none that are not unique to
>>> the ingration, such as if the kopete plugin was configurable to hide
>>> or not hide the tray icon)
>> I agree. Now checking if this is technically possible without too much
>> patches.
> I suppose a) should be possible since you just need to ensure that the
> applet is actually availabe (i.e. able to connect to), if c) fails we
> probably can fall back to auto-hiding the tray icons of affected
> applications (i.e. configure the system tray itself to hide em), this
> still causes the tray to show an un-fold icon but in both cases (with
> and without indicator applet) better than if we strictly hide the
> icons via settings in k-d-s.
I have been working on a) yesterday and I hope I can get this in a 
reasonable shape. I am going to upload an updated patchset today.

I fixed the bug which caused Kopete window not to come back when you 
click on the "Kopete" entry in the indicator.

I had to extend Kopete plugin API (but kept it binary compatible) so 
that a plugin can decide whether it allows the application to quit when 
one click the (x) window button.
This means that whether you have systray enabled or not, if the 
indicator plugin is activated then closing the window will not quit. 
Instead, it will show a message box similar to the one you get when 
Kopete tells you it  continues to run in the systray.

I need to improve it to only behave this way if an "indicator listener" 
(plasma-indicatordisplay or gnome indicator-applet) is found.

b) is for Jonathan :)

As for c), doing so would mean unckecking the "show system tray icon" 
behind the user back (I do not have any other mean), which is not 
acceptable I think.


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