indicator applet after upgrade

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Wed Sep 9 12:11:46 BST 2009


yesterday I upgraded from jaunty to karmic and for whatever reason
(most likely not implement, though I wonder how to properly implement
this) the indicator applet did not get added to my plasma-desktop. BUT
k-d-s currently deactivates the trays for konvi and kopete which in
that particular combination is quite fatal. Kopete (probably due to
the indicator plugin) does not quit when I click the X on the window
deco, but continues running in background ... how to get it back?

So, here some thoughts on that:
a) the indicator integrations should try to connect to the applet and
only if that works out do their magic (that is if kopete really
continues running because of the plugin)
b) nuke the no-tray settings from k-d-s
c) the indicator integrations should if successfully connected to the
applet et all deactivate the tray icon from within the application
(i.e. without any configs set... at least none that are not unique to
the ingration, such as if the kopete plugin was configurable to hide
or not hide the tray icon)

Only if the indicator specific code takes care of the tray icon
disappearance we can provide sensible user experience and I suppose
that is what ayatana is trying to improve :P

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