Ayatana-like notifications for Plasma

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Fri Sep 4 14:55:54 BST 2009

Roderick B. Greening wrote:
> I'll toss my 2 cents into the ring...
>> Sebastian Kügler wrote:
>>> My proposal would be to just add / remove the Ayatana applet and switch
>>> off / on the native notifications. This way it could be done completely
>>> at run-time, and doesn't require separate packaging -- this would make
>>> testing the Ayatana version a lot easier, and make packager's lives less
>>> painful.
>> For users, I don't think it would make it easier than toggling a single
>> checkbox as it is right now.
> I am assuming here that Sebastian is suggesting that adding the Notify Applet 
> would automatically turn on Ayatana notifications and off the native. It makes 
> sense to me. No checkbox required in that case, as simply having the applet 
> run, should check the config and verify the appropriate rc file is updated and 
> proper notification is on/off.
> At least thats what I assume was meant here.

It still is more complex to toggle on and off than opening the system 
tray config dialog and toggling a checkbox IMHO. It would be interesting 
to have Celeste opinion on this.

>> For packagers, it would mean packaging another plasmoid instead of
>> applying a patch set, I don't really know which one is easier.
> Maintaining a patch is worse than maintaining a seperate package (IMO). 
> Patches have a tendency to break frequently as we update the code. Whereas a 
> seperate plasmoid, it can stand on its own, and a simple re-build of the 
> package each cycle should just work (unless plasma changes intrinsicly in the 
> meantime).


>> For me, it means more code duplication as I would have to duplicate part
>> of the systemtray plasmoid code.
> Whic parts would be duplicated? Maybe there's a way around that that Sebastian 
> could suggest :)

A few classes in plasma/systemtray/core/ (Notification, a part of 

>>> Note that the applet doesn't need to
>>> be visible at all (make it 1x1 px transparant if you wish), or plugged
>>> into the systray (which is supported since KDE 4.3).
> Plugged into the systray would be neat, like the existing [(i)] in the current 
> implementation. I don't see why it couldn't replace or attach itself to that 
> in the tray (possibly)

It's not possible to remove the (i) without patching. And even with 
Ayatana notifications, it is still needed because it shows the number of 
file operations in progress and toggle their display.
>> This sounds a bit hackish. I imagine the user dragging the plasmoid from
>> the plasmoid browser and wondering where it is gone after releasing the
>> mouse button. And plugging into the systray is a KDE4.4 feature.
> Plugging in vs Running in is different. I believe the plugin is like the 
> attached Kde indicator we have today. Whereas Running in isn't available until 
> 4.4.

I don't understand what you mean. The indicator is a plasmoid on its 
own, it runs in the panel.


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