Ayatana-like notifications for Plasma

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Wed Sep 2 08:53:36 BST 2009

Tom M. Shaw wrote:

> This top right location just seems out of place on a KDE desktop. Passive 
> system notifications have always appeared at the location of the system tray 
> along with most other notifications and I think KDE users expect this 
> behavior.

I choose this position to ensure passive notifications do not overlap 
with active notifications, but we could add an option to make the 
position configurable. At the very least the current code should be made 
a bit smarter to avoid showing passive notifications on top if the 
systray applet is on top as well.

> I also don't see the point of separating (physically) one type of 
> notification from other types but I suspect this isn't really the point but 
> more of an issue that the 'top right' is the default location of the GNOME 
> system tray.

The reasons is to keep passive notifications as little intrusive as 
possible. To do so they have lighter decorations and are queued. This 
would not fit with the way passive notifications are displayed.

> Overall this just seems to be adding an extra layer on top of already capable 
> and working layer that exists for giving the user notifications of various 
> types and allowing it in even as an option just takes away from an already 
> existing solution that works very well. A lot of people choose KDE because it 
> it is what it is and not because it's trying hard to look or be like something 
> else.

It will be an opt-in: you will get upstream KDE behavior by default.


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