Project Timelord -- Initial consideration

Clay Weber claydoh at
Tue Oct 20 22:51:42 BST 2009

On Tuesday 20 October 2009 04:21:09 pm Jonathan Thomas wrote:
> Hello fellow Kubuntu developers,
> Kubuntu, as we know, is a fairly good KDE distribution. (Otherwise we would
> not be here reading this mailing list) However, things are not perfect. In
> fact, things could be much better.
> "But what is Project Timelord?", you may ask, "and how does it relate to
> Kubuntu's problems?" Both are good questions. Project Timelord is the
> brainchild of the Kubuntu developer legend Harald Sitter; the culmination
>  of several weeks of brainstorming by a handful of Kubuntu developers,
>  focused towards identifying problems Kubuntu currently faces and 
>  for these problems.
> And now, we wish to bring Project Timelord to the attention of the greater
> Kubuntu development community for input. You can find the internal
>  developer release announcement that outlines the purpose and proposed
>  solutions of Project Timelord at:
> If it is decided that we would like to adopt Project Timelord as a goal to
> work towards over the next few cycles, we can start towards prioritizing
>  the solutions and work towards forming a roadmap to implementing these
>  solutions. This way we can all stay in the know of what is going on even
>  if we are unable to attend UDS, and those attending UDS will have a
>  unified goal to work towards as they flesh out the implementation details
>  for Kubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx.
> The purpose of this email is to generate discussion to determine whether
>  the Kubuntu developer community wishes to adopt this plan or not, as well
>  as to provide input on the brainstormed solutions. Until it is decided, we
>  would politely ask you to not announce the existence of the project to the
>  general public. We would like to hear your thoughts on the initiative
>  here, though. :)
> Thanks in advance,
> Jonathan "JontheEchidna" Thomas.

Very nice and well-thought.
What sort of input would be appropriate for the ml? esp seeing as it is still 
'public' and I assume will arrive in goggle/nabble/etc, and I am not a 

Clay "claydoh" Weber

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