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Richard JOHNSON nixternal at
Sat Oct 10 21:33:53 BST 2009

Hey everyone,

I am fairly positive people have heard about the amazing work that the
openSUSE project has been doing in regards to integrating Firefox into
KDE [1]. I know it is to late at this time to get the patches incorporated
in to our Firefox package(s), however this is something that needs to get
done for Lucid. I would love to see these packages in a PPA, and so would
thousands of other people who are currently using Firefox in KDE.

What can we do jointly that would help alleviate the issue of poorly
integrated Firefox into KDE? The patches that openSUSE are working on
aren't going to be going up stream for some time to come for various
reasons. The first reason is they are not feature complete, however the
features that are complete work, and work very well. The other reason is
that Mozilla isn't going to include it when only one distribution is
driving for it to be incorporated into the main source. Ubuntu/Kubuntu
needs to join the other distributions who are including the patched Firefox
so we can show Mozilla that the KDE community not only wants this
integration, but they need this integration.

At this time, I think it is a good decision if we could somehow get a
package into a PPA so we can start testing. What are you thoughts on this?


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