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according to, should not contain documentation and should be used instead. however, the latter is English-oriented, so all on-line documentation in other languages should be kept somewhere else. provides information on non-English support available. none of the sources listed there, is bearing Kubuntu in the name.

i would like to ask Kubuntu developers to come up with a universal rule for location of non-English Kubuntu on-line documentation. i do not apply to the Documentation Team with this question, as i believe their first priority will always be Ubuntu but not Kubuntu, so their decision can interfere with the Kubuntu community.

i recently started to build up Russian wiki on about Kubuntu (see now i am busy with translating Kubuntu User's Guide from, since i could not find any Kubuntu Karmic Koala guide on sites supported by Canonical. if it exists, please give me a link. so, currently the translation resides at i would love to move it onto but they do not have wiki. is Ubuntu-oriented. what shall i do?

my inspiration was the announcement of the Project Timelord. i thought i could help Kubuntu to push the limits. my respect to all former, present and future Kubuntu developers. just don't stop.      

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