Darkwing Duck ubuntu at
Fri Nov 20 04:36:05 GMT 2009


I wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to the team. 

My name is David W or, as I am better known as Darkwing Duck. I have been 
using ubuntu for a few years and I have made the change to KDE not to long 

My background is web development and I am fluid in HTML, CSS and XML. 
Currently my day job is the US Navy. Currently I live with my Wife and kids in 
San Diego, CA USA.

I started working with Scott K when I was testing the Kubuntu Netbook back in 
Alpha 3 and I have extended my KDE usage to my desktop. I have been talking to 
and working with both Jonathan Jesse and Richard Johnson in getting involved 
with Kubuntu Documentation and starting the Documentation for Kubuntu Netbook.

Anyway, I look forward to working with you all in the future as we ramp up and 
get Lucid ready for the world.


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