Use "desktop" in a disambiguous way: get rid of the desktop folder

Andrea Canidio acanidio at
Fri Nov 13 18:14:29 GMT 2009

Hi Everybody,

thanks to the folder view plasmoid, now the Desktop folder does not need to be 
on the desktop anymore: one could have the Home directory or the directory 
corresponding to the project he is working on in that period.

Therefore thinks like "show the Desktop" become ambiguous: a user may expect 
Dolphin to open and show the desktop folder. There are several other cases 
where I think this is an issue, like "save to Desktop": meaning, in the folder 
that I have currently on the Desktop or in my Desktop folder?

It seems to me that in Kde4 the Desktop folder is just a regular folder. So to 
avoid confusion, perhaps we should eliminate it, or call it something else.



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