Kubuntu problem

John Mutch john.mutch at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 16:27:04 GMT 2009

I am new to Linux and Kubuntu and am not sure who should receive this
information, so I will try here.  I tried to install Kubuntu on a
Toshiba Satellite A45 2.6 GHZ, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive that also had
Windows XP and Windows 7 RC installed.  There was about 10 GB hard
drive space available for Kubuntu.  On rebooting after the Kubuntu
installation attempt an error message appeared vice the computer boot
Grub loading
error: No such partition
Grub rescue >

Had I known how to do it, the repair probably would have been easy.
It seems there needs to be three Kubuntu partitions, including a swap
file.  I don't know the proper names for these partitions nor how to
set them up.  Clear step by step procedures would be appreciated.   It
seems the swap file should be about 500MB from what one of the web
sites said.

I have tried to fdisk the hard drive to remove everything and start
again, but the above error message appears every time the computer is
rebooted and I have been unable to remove the error message.  It is
probably easy to do from Grub rescue if the required commands are

I teach an introductory computer class and have started talking about
and showing a Linux OS to the class. Frequently at least one student
knows a lot about Linux and most are interested in learning more.

Any assistance on improving Kubuntu and explanation on how to restore
my computer will be appreciated.

John Mutch
john.mutch at gmail.com

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