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Ofir Klinger klinger.ofir at
Thu Nov 5 12:39:36 GMT 2009

Hello Kubuntu Devs,

My name is Ofir Klinger, a Kubuntu user for the past year and Ubuntu user
for the past 4 years.

I read today an announcement on about Project Timelord, and
wanted to offer my help in contributing to Kubuntu and making it better.

After reading the specification of Project Timelord, I made a list of areas
I can help:

   1. *Web Development*
   I have 6 years experience of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, MYSQL development.
   I also worked with Drupal and works with Zend Framework and Wordpress on
   regular basis.
   As part of my web development I acquired some design skills using
   software like Gimp.
   I can also help with SEO.
   2. *Translation
   *I am an Hebrew speaker and as such can translate Kubuntu to Hebrew.
   3. *Bug Management
   *I don't have any considerable experience with bug management, but I can
   learn how to do it.

At the moment, I am a student at a University and I have a spare time to
contribute to Kubuntu.

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