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Richard JOHNSON nixternal at
Wed May 20 04:28:15 BST 2009

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 11:01:22PM -0400, Clay Weber wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 May 2009 10:10:00 pm Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> >
> > Please test the packages further before announcing the changes on the
> > website.  I wonder how many other people are in the same boat as I am?  
> Yes
> > i want the newest goodness of KDE and yes I want a working machine.  Is
> > that too hard to ask for?
> >
> > Jonathan
> I don't mean to sound rude, but the repository is called 'kubuntu 
> experimental' for a reason, and this is a beta of 4.3 as well. I am assuming 
> once we get to 4.3 final, the packages will be in the 'kubuntu updates' ppa 
> repo.

Right, and Jonathan understands this part, and I am sure it is the reason
why Network Manager is giving him issues, though the part about the
packages being broken has nothing to do with the PPA being experimental,
nor KDE 4.3 being a beta. We were just discussing this on IRC this evening.
We, including me as I have been guilty in the past, need to make sure we
are doing some regression testing and that the packages work before
announcing them to the public. There were a lot of people on IRC
complaining about them today, and to me for some strange reason (30 or more
people messaged me today alone).

Is everyone using the Pbuilder hooks that tests that once a package is
completed the build it installs/upgrades cleanly? I think using this and
doing some minor regression testing, you know making sure the packages
install cleanly and that the apps at least start, is a good thing to do.
This also prevents us from having about 5 unnecessary uploads for 4.3 in
Karmic, I think we are up to 0ubuntu5 now. We need to be a bit more patient
and not worry about Soyuz karma.

We have a very determined and eager group, and this is great, however it
can bite us and we are seeing that I think right now as maybe stuff was
uploaded in a rushed manner. Step back, take a breath, test it a bit, and
then upload once you feel confident. Especially for the Jaunty PPA, it
should have been tested by those in #kubuntu-devel first before a notice
went out to the world that it was ready. This makes us look really bad.

One other thing I noticed recently. I provided a debdiff or two, and I
noticed that someone utilized the debdiff but didn't provide any credit to
me. Now I am not saying this to be a glory hog as I really don't care about
karma or making my apps list huge. The reason I bring it up is say I mucked
it up, you uploaded it, and it destroyed people's computers. It will be
tough for you to come back and say it was my fault, and you know what, if
this happened, I think I wouldn't even stand up and admit to it, I would
probably point the finger back at you, write up a blog post, hit up that
twitter stuff, and just put you on blast big time! Well, I wouldn't do
that, but it was kind of funny and could actually happen, so be careful.

Other than that, everyone is doing a great job, stuff is working smoothly,
and I have faith we will bring back KUbuntu to greatness with Karmic!

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