Kubuntu Tutorial for new installs

Antonio Augusto (Mancha) mkhaos7 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 18:08:04 BST 2009

Hello there,

Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else, but i didn't seen to
find anything about it, so here it goes :)

I find it quite odd the Kubuntu (and Ubuntu for that matter) doesn't
have a tutorial for new users. I mean, how can we expect that new
users feel comfortable with our software if the new users are...
well... new?!
I doubt any new user can easily find its way around the OS and all
applications that come with it without some headache or advices from
more experiment users (this is a fact for ANY OS not just (K)ubuntu or
For example: how are they supposed to know that Dolphin is the thing
they are looking if they wish to move some files around? Or that
Openoffice.org is the place to go if there is a doc to edit? Also, no
new user know what a plasmoid/widget is, nor they know how many
amazing things they can do.

This shouldn't have to be the case, users should receive a welcome
screen when they first log on Kubuntu, explaining where they are going
and how to find their way in their new OS.
This "tutorials" should cover the basics as running new programs,
browsing the web, editing a doc/spreadsheet, installing new
packages/programs, etc, and, if that's the case, enter in more
advanced fields like changing the settings of the OS to best suit
their needs.
Also, there should be a way to point users to the Ubuntu Forums, so
they know where to get more help.

If Ubuntu aims as being a friendly Linux implementations I think it
should be more friendly with its users, and show them how to things.

What do you think?

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