k3b for kde4 in kubuntu jaunty?

Vishal Rao vishalrao at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 04:48:21 GMT 2009

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 5:15 AM, Anthony Mercatante <tonio at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> I've just pushed a major SVN update that seems to be fixing quite a lot of
> issues.
> I've just performed several isos burning (both cds and dvds) and everything
> seems to work as expected on my side.
> Feel free to report any test you've performed.
> Tonio

Tested with k3b amd64 package 1.0.5+kde4svn942940-0ubuntu1 on
Jaunty amd64 current pre-beta with Samsung DVD+/-RW DL drive SH-S203D model.

1. Write data files to CDRW:
With default settings it waits at "searching for existing session".
Chose "no multisession" then it appeared to complete writing but
the disc shows up as blank. But this may be a general Jaunty issue
on my machine and not a k3b problem specifically.

2. Write gparted ISO to CDRW:
Burn worked with default settings and resulting disc booted fine on

3. Write data files to DVDRW:
Erase again fails to work/detect that disc is not empty.
After completing burning a few files, the disc shows empty in Jaunty and
also in k3b! The label and files show fine when I insert into a machine
running Windows 7 so it looks like a Jaunty issue again on my machine.

4. Write gparted ISO to DVDRW:
gparted image writing completed but did not boot in KVM - read error 0x80.
Re-wrote the image, this time the disc shows blank in Jaunty/k3b and Win7.
Again re-wrote, this time able to manually mount the disc (automount did
not happen) and it shows in Win7 machine, but boot in KVM is very slow and
not normal - boots to grub minimal.

Update: Looks like my drive is failing, it is able to read CD/CDRWs and DVDs
but not DVDRWs, even ones which I'd written earlier and were working before.
The drive is about a year old with very little writing done on it, so I
hope it isn't caused by testing k3b! :-)

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