Jaunty clean install and some suggestions

Luka Renko lure at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 5 23:16:55 GMT 2009

Hello all,

Since I got new laptop to install, I have decided to start from scratch 
Kubuntu Jaunty install in order to cleanup my .kde and to also better see the 
default install of Kubuntu with KDE4. I have written down some notices for 
potential improvements. 

1. Home directory
After clean install, I get ~/screen-configurations.xml file. Not sure which 
application writes this file, but it looks like it should be in ~/.local (at 
least that is the place of another screen-configurations.xml file)

2. Package dependancies
I have noticed that we get some gnome-ish packages by default. Note that I 
have installed Alpha 5 + updated to latest packages, so some of this may be 
already addressed.
- evolution-documentation-en: see https://launchpad.net/bugs/333401 
  (imho, this should be treated as bug and not a wishlist)
- network-manager-gnome: it was installed by default even though if has 
Recommends network-manager-gnome | network-manager-kde
  (I suspect we could just add "| plasma-widget-network-manager)

I have also noticed that I have also Crystal icon set installed, but this is 
probably due to KDE3 version of k3b (and openoffice.org-kde), which we will 
hopefully replace soon (or just drop in case of openoffice.org-kde). ;-)

I wanted to also use kubuntu-restricted-extras, but I was suprised it wanted 
to install around 60 packages, including pulseaudio (which I would like to 
avoid for the time being) and further qt3 depends - I suspect, this just need 
someone to update it for KDE4.

3. Default config - System Settings
GTK Style: 
- I think we should have "Use my KDE fonts for GTK application" by default.
- Firefox & Thunderbird: missing icon

- Default vs. KDE4 - they are similar (Oxygen look), but not the same - this 
is very confusing. Anybody understands this?

Desktop Effects:
- I thought this is auto enabled? On this laptop with Intel 4500 card it is 

4. Default config - Plasma/Panel
- kickoff: should we enabel change on hoover?
- pager: should we show icons in 1 row (better for horiyontal panel)?
- pager: should we enable icons by default?
- digital clock: year is not that useful, I would replace if with weekday

We can probably discuss config changes on next meeting and if somebody wants, I 
can open individual bugs for some of the above (just ask).

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