Some Kubuntu translations love

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Tue Jun 30 19:13:04 BST 2009

I have add a subdir called list-processor to

You should just need to invoke processor.rb and it will download the l10n-kde4 
directory from KDE trunk and compare the content of the list provided by Arne 
to what it can find in the SVN checkout.
It will spit out a file called output.txt which contains either MOVE: or KILL: 
actions, it is however necessary to ensure that KILL is really KILL and not 
MOVE or even void. The script is not able to detect name changes, so you gotta 
use a good amount of logic to find possibly renamed versions of the same file.

It also probably still does some wrong detection, so it makes sense to enhance 
the ignore (pignore and dignore) arrays in the .rb file.
There is also a method to map package names if kubuntu package != upstream 

KDEbase (not workspace or runtime) seems to be completely right, loads of 
kicker stuff in there.

I'll be working the next 3 days, so I'll not be able to ensure that output.txt 
is right, please someone take up on that :)

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MOVE: kdepim	libkholidays	=>?	messages/kdepimlibs/libkholidays.pot
KILL: kde4libs	solid4
KILL: kdebase	appletproxy
KILL: kdebase	clockapplet
KILL: kdebase	dockbarextension
KILL: kdebase	extensionproxy
KILL: kdebase	kasbarextension
KILL: kdebase	kay
KILL: kdebase	kcmaccessibility
KILL: kdebase	kcmarts
KILL: kdebase	kcmcss
KILL: kdebase	kcmkicker
KILL: kdebase	kcmkonsole
KILL: kdebase	kcmlayout
KILL: kdebase	kcmmedia
KILL: kdebase	kcmspellchecking
KILL: kdebase	kcontrol
KILL: kdebase	kdcop
KILL: kdebase	kdesktop
KILL: kdebase	kicker
KILL: kdebase	kickermenu_kate
KILL: kdebase	kio_home
KILL: kdebase	kio_mac
KILL: kdebase	kio_media
KILL: kdebase	kio_system
KILL: kdebase	kio_tar
KILL: kdebase	kmenuapplet
KILL: kdebase	kminipagerapplet
KILL: kdebase	kpersonalizer
KILL: kdebase	krunapplet
KILL: kdebase	ksplash
KILL: kdebase	ksystemtrayapplet
KILL: kdebase	ktip
KILL: kdebase	libdmctl
KILL: kdebase	libkicker
KILL: kdebase	libkickermenu_kdeprint
KILL: kdebase	libkickermenu_konsole
KILL: kdebase	libkickermenu_prefmenu
KILL: kdebase	libkickermenu_recentdocs
KILL: kdebase	libkickermenu_remotemenu
KILL: kdebase	libkickermenu_systemmenu
KILL: kdebase	libkickermenu_tom
KILL: kdebase	libtaskbar
KILL: kdebase	lockout
KILL: kdebase	mediaapplet
KILL: kdebase	naughtyapplet
KILL: kdebase	ppdtranslations
KILL: kdebase	privacy
KILL: kdebase	quicklauncher
KILL: kdebase	timezones
KILL: kdebase	trashapplet
KILL: kino	kino
KILL: kdeedu	klatin
KILL: kdeedu	kpercentage
KILL: kdeedu	kvoctrain
KILL: kdeedu	plasma_applet_kalgebra
KILL: kdegames	atlantik
KILL: kdegames	kasteroids
KILL: kdegames	kenolaba
KILL: kdegames	kfouleggs
KILL: kdegames	klickety
KILL: kdegames	ksmiletris
KILL: kdegames	ksnake
KILL: kdegames	ksokoban
KILL: kdegames	kwin4
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_cdarchiving
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_fb
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_findimages
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_imagesgallery
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_kameraklient
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_mpegencoder
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_printwizard
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_simpleviewer
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_simpleviewerexport
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_slideshow
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_sync
KILL: kipi-plugins	kipiplugin_viewer
KILL: kbd	kbd
KILL: kvkbd	desktop_kvkbd
KILL: kdegraphics	kcm_kviewcanvasconfig
KILL: kdegraphics	kcm_kviewgeneralconfig
KILL: kdegraphics	kcm_kviewpluginsconfig
KILL: kdegraphics	kcm_kviewviewerpluginsconfig
KILL: kdegraphics	kdjview
KILL: kdegraphics	kdvi
KILL: kdegraphics	kfaxview
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_bmp
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_gif
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_ico
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_jpeg
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_pcx
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_pdf
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_png
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_ps
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_tga
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_xbm
KILL: kdegraphics	kfile_xpm
KILL: kdegraphics	kgamma
KILL: kdegraphics	kghostview
KILL: kdegraphics	kmrml
KILL: kdegraphics	kpdf
KILL: kdegraphics	ksvgplugin
KILL: kdegraphics	kview
KILL: kdegraphics	kview_scale
KILL: kdegraphics	kviewbrowserplugin
KILL: kdegraphics	kviewcanvas
KILL: kdegraphics	kvieweffectsplugin
KILL: kdegraphics	kviewpresenterplugin
KILL: kdegraphics	kviewscannerplugin
KILL: kdegraphics	kviewshell
KILL: kdegraphics	kviewviewer
KILL: kdegraphics	libkfaximgage
KILL: kdegraphics	libkscan
KILL: kdemultimedia	artsbuilder
KILL: kdemultimedia	artscontrol
KILL: kdemultimedia	artsmodules
KILL: kdemultimedia	kaboodle
KILL: kdemultimedia	kfile_au
KILL: kdemultimedia	kfile_m3u
KILL: kdemultimedia	kfile_mpeg
KILL: kdemultimedia	krec
KILL: kdemultimedia	noatun
KILL: kdesudo	kdesudo
KILL: knetworkmanager	desktop_kdenetworkmanager
KILL: knetworkmanager	knetworkmanager
KILL: k3b	desktop_k3b
KILL: k3b	kfile_k3b
KILL: kdebindings	embedjs
KILL: kdebindings	kdedcoptest
KILL: kdenetwork	dcoprss
KILL: kdenetwork	desktop_kopete
KILL: kdenetwork	kcmktalkd
KILL: kdenetwork	kcmlanbrowser
KILL: kdenetwork	kcmwifi
KILL: kdenetwork	kdict
KILL: kdenetwork	kdictapplet
KILL: kdenetwork	kfile_torrent
KILL: kdenetwork	kio_lan
KILL: kdenetwork	knewsticker
KILL: kdenetwork	kpf
KILL: kdenetwork	ksirc
KILL: kdenetwork	kwifimanager
KILL: kdenetwork	kwireless
KILL: kdenetwork	plasma_applet_knewsticker
KILL: kdesdk	katemake
KILL: kdesdk	kbabel
KILL: kdesdk	kfile_cpp
KILL: kdesdk	kfile_diff
KILL: kdesdk	kfile_po
KILL: kdesdk	kfile_ts
KILL: konversation	desktop_konversation
KILL: quassel	desktop_quassel
KILL: desktop-effects-kde	desktop-effects-kde
KILL: kdebase-workspace	desktop_kdebase-workspace
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_bookmarksrunner
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_calculatorrunner
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_locationsrunner
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_nepomuksearchrunner
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_powerdevil
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_recentdocuments
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_sessions
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_shellrunner
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_webshortcutsrunner
KILL: kdebase-workspace	krunner_xesam
KILL: kdebase-workspace	plasma
KILL: kdebase-workspace	plasma_engine_dict
KILL: kdeplasma-addons	krunner_contacts
KILL: kdeplasma-addons	krunner_converterrunner
KILL: kdeplasma-addons	krunner_katesessions
KILL: kdeplasma-addons	krunner_spellcheckrunner
KILL: kdeplasma-addons	plasma_applet_bluemarble
KILL: kpackagekit	KPackageKit
KILL: plasma-widget-network-manager	desktop_plasma-widget-network-manager
KILL: plasma-widget-network-manager	kded_knetworkmanager
KILL: plasma-widget-quickaccess	desktop_plasma-widget-quickaccess
KILL: plasma-widget-quickaccess	plasma_applet_quickaccess
KILL: kdeutils	kcharselectapplet
KILL: kdeutils	kcmkvaio
KILL: kdeutils	kcmlaptop
KILL: kdeutils	kcmthinkpad
KILL: kdeutils	kedit
KILL: kdeutils	khexedit
KILL: kdeutils	khexedit2part
KILL: kdeutils	kmilo_delli8k
KILL: kdeutils	kmilo_generic
KILL: kdeutils	kmilo_kvaio
KILL: kdeutils	kmilo_powerbook
KILL: kdeutils	kmilo_thinkpad
KILL: kdeutils	kmilod
KILL: kdeutils	ksim
KILL: kdepim	kabc2mutt
KILL: kdepim	kandy
KILL: kdepim	karm
KILL: kdepim	kcm_akonadi_resources
KILL: kdepim	kcmkontactnt
KILL: kdepim	kfile_ics
KILL: kdepim	kfile_palm
KILL: kdepim	kfile_rfc822
KILL: kdepim	kfile_vcf
KILL: kdepim	kgantt
KILL: kdepim	kio_mobile
KILL: kdepim	kio_scalix
KILL: kdepim	kmobile
KILL: kdepim	konnector_dummy
KILL: kdepim	konnector_kabc
KILL: kdepim	konnector_kcal
KILL: kdepim	konnector_local
KILL: kdepim	konnector_qtopia
KILL: kdepim	konnector_remote
KILL: kdepim	korn
KILL: kdepim	kres_blogging
KILL: kdepim	kres_exchange
KILL: kdepim	kres_featureplan
KILL: kdepim	ksync
KILL: kdepim	ktnef
KILL: kdepim	libkpimexchange
KILL: kdepim	libksync
KILL: kdepim	multisynk
KILL: kdepim	scalixadmin

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