Kubuntu Logo for Kickoff

Richard JOHNSON nixternal at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 23 18:41:08 BST 2009

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 07:10:25PM +0200, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> From a user point of view (even with very special use cases), I'd much prefer 
> it to be the KDE Oxygen logo. When demoing KDE, I tend to use Kubuntu. For 
> that, I'd like it to be as upstream as possible.
> The openSuse guys have an upstream branding package which makes the experience 
> as KDE default as reasonably possible, I'd welcome that if the logo were 
> changed.
> Ow, and  in case you didn't notice, I'm both biased and arguing from a use 
> case that's probably as slim as it gets -- so feel free to ignore me. :-)

We could never ignore you :)

How about this. With Lancelot when you go into the settings, it provides
you the ability to select a couple of icons a bit nicer than the current
Kickoff scheme does, therefor making it easier to switch back and forth
between icons used for the menu. This way here, you could easily set it to
the KDE button when demoing. The idea of the upstream branding package
isn't a bad idea either, but isn't that what the kde-core package really
is? I swore there used to be a kde-desktop package once upon a time that
gave you a vanilla KDE install.

Honestly, with something as small as the Kickoff button, I don't see why we
can't just leave it as the KDE button and look at a custom wallpaper
instead if branding is what we want. Though in GNOME they do have the
Ubuntu logo instead of the odor eaters image. Err, I mean GNOME foot :p

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