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Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Tue Jun 23 18:03:58 BST 2009

On Sunday 21 June 2009 14:56:53 Celeste Lyn Paul wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I just wanted a quick discussion about Bug 389747 In default KDE panel use
> Show Desktop instead of Show Dashboard widget.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/389747
> Description: We should use the Show Desktop widget instead of Show
> Dashboard. The problem is that some users are confusing Show Dashboard with
> the Show Desktop functionality like in Windows. The widgets have similar
> but different functionality and it seems like more people want Show Desktop
> than Show Dashboard (probably because more people are familiar with the
> Windows function than the dashboard concept. We don’t configure multiple
> activities by default in Kubuntu (yet) and so the Dashboard concept hasn’t
> been really pushed on non-KDE-power-users yet. Having both on the panel by
> default is problematic because they look very similar.
> +1 -1?

+1, if only for the simple reason that the dashboard hides the panel and you 
cannot click again to hide the dashboard. Well, unless you put a show 
dashboard widget on the dashboard in the same place as the panel to hide it.

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