Kubuntu and Ayatana plan for Karmic

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sun Jun 21 04:18:29 BST 2009

I was home less than 24 hours from UDS when I left for two weeks of business 
travel.  That's my excuse why this is late .....


The basic idea is that Ayatana and KDE upstream are going to work together to 
make KDE better.  We (Kubuntu) are going to provide a vehicle for users to 
experiment with some of the things that might make it better.

We are not immediately changing the default Kubuntu experience.  As this 
evolves, we'll either get things in the next KDE release or perhaps backport 
changes (as we've done with other things before).  We did agree that providing 
a KDE version of the messaging indicator in Kubuntu would be a good idea so 
that Ubuntu applications that have been patched to expect it to be present 
will still work well.

At UDS we worked very hard (and I think succeeded) in finding a good middle 
ground it good for Kubuntu, good for KDE, and good for Ayatana.  I'm 
personally quite pleased to see Kubuntu/KDE getting additional positive 
attention from Canonical.

Note: The spec is still draft and probably has errors and certainly has 


Scott K

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