bug triage: kmenuedit / kbuildsycoca ignoring /usr/share/applications/kde4

Jason Straight jason at jeetkunedomaster.net
Sat Jun 6 02:24:49 BST 2009

I'm considering filing a bug, but maybe I could use a primer on the 
operations of the kde menu, editor and kbuildsycoca

Concerning /usr/share/applications/kde4/amarok.desktop:

- shows in kde launcher, and lancelot (verified by changing Generic Name 

- running kbuildsycoca --menutest or kbuildsycoca4 --menutest piped to 
grep amarok shows nothing

- kmenuedit has no amarok entry for me to edit

- creating a symlink in /usr/share/applications makes kbuildsycoca 
report it, and kmenuedit can now see it in "Multimedia"

- After creating the symlink and editing Amaroks' entry with kmenuedit, 
the changes do not appear when kmenuedit is reopened, nor in the app 
menu, although there is an amarok.desktop file in 
~/.local/share/applications which should override Amarok for this user - 

NOTE: This is with Amarok 2:2.1mysql5.1.30-0ubuntu2~jaunty2

I thought the kde app menus got their data from the ksycoca files in 
/var/tmp, apparently this isn't the case since they see apps ksycoca 


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