[kubuntu-devel] Thoughts on Arora

Tomasz Czapiewski xeros at irc.pl
Tue Jul 28 15:58:28 BST 2009

> I'm still in favour of Arora by default since I think the most
> important usability in a browser is being able to browse websites and
> there are too many important ones now which Konqueror doesn't.  I seem
> to be outnumbered though, don't you people read slashdot?
> Jonathan

I've been trying to get used to Konqueror for years and unfortunately even 
now it has many issues with web page rendering. It has some 
usefull and important features but after using it for more than a week I'm 
always looking for good alternative. Many times I wanted to get rid of 
Firefox completely but I couldn't. Now I've found that Arora can be a 
good alternative to Konqueror and now I'm using both interchangeably.
There are many improvements in Arora 0.8 which make it very usefull (even 
more than Konqueror) and I'm very glad that authors listen to the users 
wishes implementing most wanted features. I've been using Arora since 
version 0.2/0.3(?) and it's becoming better and better every release.

I would like to see Arora as default web browser for Kubuntu.

OT: Arora packages in Kubuntu repositories don't have link to 
configure for /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.
Would you make it able to configure by update-alternatives --config?


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