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2009/7/22 David Planella <david.planella at>:
> = Packaging? =
> • The following templates might need to be added (source/template)
>        ∘ kdeedu/marble_qt
>        ∘ kdeedu/step_qt
Get created here: get source => install pkg-kde-tools => enter source
dir => mkdir po && && ls po
So I suspect there is some import issue?

>        ∘ kde4libs/knotificationitem-1
Needs to be mapped, source package is kdelibs-experimental

>        ∘ kde4libs/ktexteditor_plugins
Same as with the kdeedu stuff

>        ∘ kde4libs/timezones4
It actually gets generated in kdebase-runtime, rather than kdelibs,
which IMHO is kinda weird IMHO, in either case the needs
to be

>        ∘ kde4libs/xml_mimetypes
No clue where that is coming from, seems to be associated with
kdelibs/mimetypes/ but it is not created by a regular file
it seems

Jonathan R. should probably investigate *hint* :)


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