Konversation, Quassel and Kubuntu 9.10

Carlos Diener carlos at diener.li
Thu Jul 23 14:27:41 BST 2009

One of the arguments I remember which KOffice have to achieve is that it is 
available for Windows an Mac. I know Konversation is usable in some way like 
all the other KDE4 programs, but honestly that part isn't in an enduser 
status. For Quassel there are some precompiled versions available.

I used a long time XChat with KDE3 because I knew it from Windows before my 
change to Linux. The users normally love the program they know and are 
accustomed to use. It tooks about one or two years before I switched from 
XChat to Konversation. The switch to Quassel was an easy choice for me because 
I looked for a long time for something like a bouncer. With Quassel this is 
really nice and easy, so that was _the feature_ which took me away from 
Konversation. Yes this feature isn't importent for a lot of users, but which 
feature of Konvi is so importent for the users that they want to switch?

There's no problem for me, because Quassel will be in the package archive even 
if it's default or not. But do the normal users really care about all the 
additional stuff of the (IMO really great) Konvi? (I never used DCC in my life)

regards, emonkey

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