Konversation, Quassel and Kubuntu 9.10

Carlos Diener carlos at diener.li
Thu Jul 23 09:32:11 BST 2009

> But most importantly: Can we pretty please with sugar on top stop
> changing our default programs every release just for the sake of it?
> The changes in package installers are a nightmare for every newbie.
> Same for switching the browser. Same for switching the IRC client.
> This is especially meh as we do not and can not support data migration
> between those programs. I know people can install the other programs
> but we should try to keep some uniformity imho.

IMO the most of the missing features in Quassel aren't needed by the the 
newbies. Powerusers and developers are knowing how to install their favoured 
client. I think it is a bit early to switch back just after one release. Are 
there really showstoppers in Quassel? Are there any statements from Quassel 
how the developing goes forward? I see all the lovely features which Konvi is 
providing, I loved using Konvi for a long time and it's possible that I'm 
going to use it again if there will be _the feature_ that I need. Unless then 
I'm happy not to change any program. I think the most of the users don't have 
fun testing and changing programs ... Dolphin hadn't that much features as 
Konqueror for a long time, but he does is Job great. Same for me in view of 

regards emonkey

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