Thoughts on Arora

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Jul 20 11:41:21 BST 2009

> are you sure that it's like this in Semitic languages in general? I found
> "arur" in a Hebrew online dictionary, but no such thing for Arabic, neither
> in my paper dictionary nor anything in the two online ditionaries I tried.

Thank you Monica. I had once heard it used in Palestinian speech (it
stood out as my Arabic is not very strong), but their Arabic is full
of Hebrew words (and our language is full of Arabic words as well). If
you feel that it is not an Arabic word then consider my message as a
blunder. I don't expect a program to rename itself just because it
sounds offensive in one tiny little language, I'm sure that _any_ word
sounds bad in some language or another. I have been told that our own
"Amcor" refrigeration equipment company is a bad word in Turkish!


Dotan Cohen

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