Thoughts on Arora

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Jul 19 23:37:27 BST 2009

On Sun, 19 Jul 2009 16:39:58 -0230 "Roderick B. Greening" 
<roderick.greening at> wrote:
>No Ad Block
>Flash is just as unstable as it was in Konq
>Not KDE integrated
>No password integration (KWallet)
>MIME type detection broken (webkit issue)
>Proxy settings not integrated with desktop
>I see no plus or pros for it.
>And I could go on... the reason we were considering it was due to a 
>site or two working in it... that didn't in Konq.
>So, arora is a no go from me, unless version 0.8 offers some extreme 
Additionally it's less compact vertically, which is important for netbook.

Scott K

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