Kubuntu Papercuts

Celeste Lyn Paul celeste at kde.org
Wed Jul 15 02:28:12 BST 2009

Hi Everyone!

Some of our papercuts needs some love. Some of them are in progress and have 
stalled or are very simple and need someone to pick them up. Others may need 
some discussion since I have no idea how much work is involved:

Fix avatar in KDE menu to be next to username
Stalled: Feedback on KDE RB was vague. They proposed a different solution but I 
don't know if Jonathan Thomas is picking it up or if a plasma dev is.

In default KDE panel use Show Desktop instead of Show Dashboard widget
Very simple bug for someone with commit rights to fix. I assigned it to JR by 
default, but please someone pick it up!

Change "abort" to "close" or "cancel" in default KDE apps
Good Progress: Maco has submitted her patches to KDE RB. One has been 
committed, a few have comments, and others are still waiting to be reviewed.

Make KDE Get Hot New Stuff button labels consistent
Needs Love: The ultimate solution would be to work with jpwhiting to shape up 
his KNS class and replace all of the custom KNS calls with the class. Might be 
a good project for jr. dev

kubuntu no printer browsing
Need feedback: JR, do you plan to get printing done for Karmic? How hard would 
it be to add a fileview to pick a Samba share?

update-notifier and apt-get disagree on available updates
Stalled: Not sure who could work on this.

KDE menu button should have a Kubuntu Logo
In Progress but Stalled: Apparently we don't have consensus on this so I'm not 
sure what to do about it.

Kde shutdown dialog is delayed when compositing enabled
Nixternal started triage on this, dunno if this is a papercut or not

"About Me" in System Settings throws an error when changing details
Seems like a straightforward bug to check out, just need someone to pick it up 
and look at it.

Changing file associations in KDE is hard
This would probably require involvement from upstream. Not sure if it is too 
big or out of scope for a papercut but could be a good minor improvement.

Celeste Lyn Paul
KDE e.V. Board Member
KDE Usability Project

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