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Sun Jul 12 23:10:59 BST 2009

On Saturday 11 July 2009 20:12:06 Scott Kitterman wrote:
> At UDS we had some discussion about switching to raster would make Kubuntu
> a lot faster.
> Did anyone do anything on this?  Faster is important ....
> Scott K

The last thing I heard was, that there wasn't any know blockers (KDE 
components simply not working with raster) in KDE 4.3. Does anyone know/heard 

Furthermore, can someone enlighten me on how the switch works?
We compile Qt with raster as default and then:
a) everything now runs raster
b) we need to recompile all Qt stuff before raster is default.

If case (a) is correct, I'd suggest switching as quickly as possible. That 
will give us a lot of testing that we do need; and we do have a very sure 
fall-back option that can be switched to easily.

If case (b) applies, it is of course a different story...

Can anyone enlighten me :)

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