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Celeste Lyn Paul celeste at kde.org
Fri Jan 16 16:29:34 GMT 2009

Should have CC'd the list but I forgot. Twice.

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Subject: KPackageKit
Date: Friday 16 January 2009
From: Celeste Lyn Paul <celeste at kde.org>
To: daniel_nic85 at yahoo.com.br

Hi Daniel, 

Are you still the maintainer for KPackageKit? You are the point of contact on 
the KDE-Apps page and I have an email from you (via kde-devel) from last May 
talking about KPackageKit.

I ask because we are considering using KPackageKit as the software manager in 
Kubuntu Jaunty.  Thomas Pfeiffer and myself have been reviewing it to see what 
the biggest usability problems are and how to fix them. It is infinitely better 
than Adept, but there are a few things we would really like to be improved if 
it is to be included, such as improving search or providing a software list in 
addition to the package list.  

Are you available to talk about some possible improvements to KPackageKit? IRC 
might be better so that the rest of the Kubuntu ninjas can provide information 
if necessary. I'm seele in #kubuntu-devel. If you don't do IRC, email is fine 
as well, Thomas is CC'd.


~ Celeste

Celeste Lyn Paul
KDE Usability Project

Celeste Lyn Paul
KDE Usability Project

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